` Christmas Decorations at Ormond Beach

Christmas Decorations at Ormond Beach

By Charlotte of Salzburg, as documented by Bill.

There is only one size of each of these pictures. That is, you can't click on a picture and get a larger version.

  1. Angel in America.

  2. Creche

  3. A closer look at the creche

  4. The holy family and shepherds

  5. Oberndorf bei Ormond Beach

  6. Silent Night chapel

  7. Nutcrackers

  8. Smoker and Chimney Sweep

  9. Kirchberg creche

  10. Closeup of Kirchberg creche

  11. Sleigh

  12. This is the painting from a family chapel in Tirol; it's pretty old, like 17th century. I suppose it is St. Anne greeting the Virgin?

  13. Christmas card from Harold

  14. Closeup

  15. Christmas card of Salzburg churches in snow, from Dieter (closeup)

  16. Card from Dieter: Salzburg churches in snow

  17. Christmas card that Mali made

  18. Closeup

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 24, 2005