Second Month at 333 Kingsley

December 4, 2006

  1. About two o'clock in the afternoon

  2. New black leather chair from Lee across the way

  3. Sometimes I put the laptop on the big wooden table, to enjoy the light from the big windows, and the large working surface

  4. Succulents are growing pretty well. The vase holds a zinnia from the side of the house.

  5. Since I broke my foot, I've gotten in the habit of strewing bottles of Crystal Geyser fizzy water around the house, so I can easily gulp water without having to hop into the kitchen

  6. It's in the mid- or upper-60's today - quite warm in the sun even in a t-shirt!

  7. The kitchen is a bit more lived in

  8. Miriam and Shelley came to dinner last night (celeriac and roasted garlic puree; chicken in tomato-feta sauce; green salad) and today saw me washing the pile of dishes

  9. My hobbit-door appliances. Note that spice cabinet can still be used!

  10. The excitement of the back patio

  11. and the compost bins (one for building, one for using ... after one turns into compost, that is)

  12. Lemons are turning yellow; they tend to ripen around January

  13. The little red scooter that gets me around town

Marianne Mueller,
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