It's been a month

A few pictures taken in the house over the course of October, 2006. Bonus: Sonoma county grapevines in autumn, and the Golden Gate Bridge in fog.

  1. The office, looking right

  2. and looking left. I need to iron (!) my Tibetan prayer flags (of course I bought them in Telluride!) so I can pin them up out back.

  3. The mantle holds a framed poem, and a mirror

  4. Luckily, there are plenty of pictures to choose from when decorating the fridge

  5. The kitchen is great to work in - incredible amounts of cabinet space, and lots of counter space too

  6. I love that stand, that I hang clothes on

  7. The plastic blue lawn chair migrates: these days, I have it on the OTHER side of the lemon tree.

  8. The zinnias are very happy on this side of the house (the west side) - this side gets the most sun. I keep cutting off the faded and dying blooms, and the zinnias keep producing. And here it is November. I don't know the name of the wispy purple flowers but I think they are perenniel and self-seeding. I think the zinnias eventually give out.

  9. Internet center (DSL and wireless blob on bottom shelf, phone on top). I keep a "Japanese" minimalist flower arrangement next to the phone. It feels so rich to snip off one of my own flowers.

  10. The first of many shots of my temporary-permanent solution to the problem of covering the three front windows! I discovered this stretch of brilliant midnight-blue cloth from Africa. I use two tension curtain rods, one at each end. It takes about 30 seconds to put up each evening.

  11. And now with a different light setting!

  12. From another angle

  13. The solution for the office window: hanging the Mayan "upholstery-style" fabric

  14. From outside

  15. By the way, the little Weber grill came with the house

  16. My Mayan window from outside

  17. A fascinating shot of the space between my house and Thomas and Isabelle's house (the French couple, who are into cooking): the point is, you can see the space is only a few yards, and on that side of their house is their bedroom window. That's across from my office window. So I felt abashed to turn on my office light at 6 a.m. The Mayan covering truly solves this problem; I checked how well it shuts out the light when it's dark outside. This picture also shows the exciting garbage and recycling bins. Theirs on the right, mine on the left. Palo Alto recycling is great in that we put everything into the blue bin: newspaper, mixed paper, cans, bottles.

  18. One recent Sunday I went up to Sonoma county to see the countryside before winter comes. We had lunch at a restaurant on Bodega Bay, and a seagull oblingingly posed.

  19. Leaves on the vine have turned to gold

  20. I very much like my shots of the Golden Gate Bridge in fog so if you think they are cliched, keep your editorial comments to yourself! :-)

  21. The fog pours over the bridge, moving at a very high rate of speed - like it's dashing to get somewhere, but where?

  22. From moment to moment, the fog and the bridge change aspect

  23. Retro toll booth (but very non-retro-price: now up to $5)

  24. The shot you've all been waiting for. The dryer vent going into the floor.

  25. The washer hookup: hot and cold water faucets, and, I think, the space for the water hose

  26. This hole on the outside of the house has since been patched. I don't really understand the project, but, they had to put in holes both inside and outside, way up high, as part of the water draining activity. (?) I might have this all backwards. Something about the water has to drain from up high. I'm not clear on why they put holes in the wall, inside and outside, and then patched both of them up, but it must be that they needed access to string the various hoses. We have reached the end of my plumbing knowledge.

  27. Starting to look a bit more lived in. Haven't yet hung art (the flower photographs of Susan Dunlap) on the walls.

  28. This time without the flash

  29. The table is set

  30. I set the table before Miriam came over to dinner on October 26. If you peer closely, you can see my stereo system has appeared to the right of the TV, on the ground.

  31. The state of the kitchen

  32. Farmer's market bounty (and faithful Peet's)

  33. and now with the flash

  34. The morning sun through the blue cloth

  35. Home entertainment center: left to right, CD cabinet; TV/cable box/DVD-VHS player; amplifier/CD player/tuner/cassette player. One of the speakers really doesn't work but I'm not motivated to get new speakers at the moment. And in any case ... I'd look on craigslist.

  36. Spice cabinet of my dreams (still have about 25 spices to put in bottles and put away - they're in little plastic bags now, since you can buy spices in bulk at Whole Foods).

  37. Spices I use often (20 or so) are in the drawer closest to the stove; that drawer came with little wooden dividers.

  38. Transplanted hens-and-chicks find a home next to the cabbage-leaf succulent (not its actual name)

  39. And also on my desk

  40. Close-up. Note view of impressive double-compost-bin scheme! I was able to get a fabulous Smith & Hawken bin for a mere $27 since I went to the City of Palo Alto compost workshop. Graduates are given a coupon that we redeem at the city recycling center/dump. The idea behind two compost bins: one is for building compost, the other holds compost ready to use. Needless to say, I'm building compost presently (looks like it's going good).

  41. More views of the living area

  42. The view from the front lawn, when the sun is out

  43. I think it's quite pretty

  44. Purple and lavender and white whispy flowers in need of identification. Don't tell the Master Gardeners on me.

Marianne Mueller,
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