Adventsingen and beyond

November - December 2006

Adventsingen in Florida, and ...? (send in your photos!)

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  1. Bill gives the background: "The party was your mother's idea and it was a huge success. We were hoping the News-Journal would send a reporter but that part didn't work out.

    We listened to historic recordings of Silent Night (one from 1905) and then had a contest to guess the singers of a dozen excerpts of the carol. Singers on the recordings included Bing Crosby, Mary Martin (everyone guessed Kate Smith), Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera, Meagan Mullally (Karen Walker on "Will and Grace") and the USAF Band singing in German so nobody guessed that one either. It was multiple choice.

    Next we all sang "Twelve Days of Christmas" with different small groups assigned to different days but everyone did "Five Golden Rings" and all the ladies did "Nine Ladies Dancing," and all the men did "Ten Lords A-Leaping." The fun part is that each group has to stand for their part - even when counting back. By the time you get to 8 or 9 days, there are people popping up and down all over the place.

    We have different people cutting the cake for various publications."

  2. Austrian cream puffs? Aren't they supposed to come with marzipan renderings of Mozart, in this the 250th celebration year?

  3. The gang's all here.

    Description of concert at Casements:

    Everyone looked and sounded great. Due to the weather, the Casements's staff had to keep making changes in our schedule, but when Amy began playing and the choir sang, it was magic. Some people had tears because of the beautiful sound. I'm sure the choir really brightened the Christmas season for everyone there.

  4. Dad just barely makes this picture

  5. Spirited singers

  6. Charlotte of Salzburg consults the score

  7. Great Christmas tree!

  8. Sr. Anne

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