` Bromeliads and Azeleas!!

Bromeliads and Azeleas!!

There are not only a lot of bromeliads in Florida, there is a Florida East Coast Bromeliad Society that takes part in an annual flower show and contest, the Daytona Beach Flower Show. Charlotte entered six plants, and won four 1st prizes and two 2nd prizes! The flower show was March 16-19, and these pictures were taken on March 19.

The azeleas are from Linda and Gary's yard, and, their neighbors LaVeda and L.C.'s yard. Mom and Dad took the new digital camera on a trial run when they stayed in Panama City for a few days to escape the Daytona Beach Bike Week (it gets very loud indeed on A-1A).

I don't have too many witticisms for these pictures - enjoy the visual feast.

  1. Project time.

  2. Blue ribbon!

  3. And two more - not just for the luscious flowers but for the creative arrangement.

  4. A red ribbon (2nd prize) ...

  5. and another.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: March 31, 2006