Clifton Park in December

Kathi invited me for a week visit, since I was moping around due to my broken foot. Lara is full in two-and-a-half-year-old mode; mood goes from fierce storm to sunny happy beach day in about a half second. I attest that she can shriek for an hour non-stop (at least) without getting a sore throat. She can also be the sweetest child under heaven. Ella, meanwhile, continues to be the smilingest baby ever.

  1. Lara's first hairpiece. Note Dora dress.

  2. Nymphs

  3. I brought Lara the Dora backpack I bought for my high-concept but low-implementation Halloween costume. (I wore the backpack, and I was supposed to be Dora, but no one got it. I also carried a map.)

  4. Carly and Ella

  5. I love how Ella props herself up on her elbows

  6. It is so easy to get Ella to smile and laugh!

  7. Brightness

  8. Ella sits up (from a reclining starting position, no less)

  9. Kathi talking to Linda - admittedly this is hard to capture in the picture. We have the theory that Ella (six months) is cutting her first tooth.

  10. Carter, from across the street (4 years old).

  11. Studying the Chinese take-out menu on a Friday evening

  12. Ella is really not involved. She is learning to crawl, starting with scooting backwards.

  13. She seems to like her forays into crawling

  14. Kathi is suspicous

  15. Time to consult the Chinese cookbook for interpretation of some items on the take-out menu. We ended up with Szechuan Beef, pot stickers and eggplant in garlic sauce for mrm.

  16. This crawling around takes a lot of concentration

  17. The kidlets fit inside the yellow moon pillow

  18. Diane, the mother of 3-year old Michael, whose birthday we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday, December 16

  19. On the merry-go-round

  20. Mommy cranks the cart ...

  21. ... and Lara flies through the air

  22. Time for pizza

  23. Distracted by one of the million or so video screens, clowns, whirring machines, blaring horns, flashing lights ...

  24. Dreaminess, or is she tired already?

  25. You can't tell, but, Lara is inside that yellow car that floats 8 feet of the ground

  26. It's connected to a high-up cage in a net

  27. Natalie, who lives two doors down from Kathi and Rainer

  28. Lara is transfixed by the Hungry Monster (she fed it any number of tokens, to no apparent effect)

  29. Lara is crawling down from the airways

  30. Self-portrait of Santa in seasonal hat

  31. Lara kept climbing up and down this contraption, then scampering along the "pipes" hung from the ceiling that connect to a slide (that she inexplicably refused to go down - she'd climb back down the way she got up)

  32. Lara in the sky way

  33. The sleep of the innocent

  34. I love her little hands

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