Putting up the Christmas Tree

and checking out the well-illuminated and overrun-with-kids "Santa's Playland"!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

  1. Hannah from across the street goes under the ... hippopotamus?

  2. I asked Hannah to pose, as my efforts at catching them at play were not fast enough for their dashing around

  3. Tasha, the Ice Queen, checks out Lara's outfit from Grandma

  4. Baby on bear rug, minus the bear rug. Also, clothed. OK. So it's not a classic baby-on-bear-rug shot.

  5. Wrapped in plastic! Plastic netting, that is.

  6. Setting 'er up

  7. Kathi strings the lights

  8. Ella and her tub o' toys

  9. The Christmas tree lights reflecting on the fireplace screen

  10. Tree with lights

  11. Stocking stuffer

  12. Licketly split the tree was dressed with ornaments of varied hue

  13. A little elf

  14. Inspection

  15. Aesthetic touches

  16. Clown cars going round and round

  17. Does this driver have a license?

  18. Reindeer!

  19. Lara climbed all the way the fence, but was wary of reaching out to pet the reindeer

  20. Quite extravagent and delightful light displays all over the park

  21. If you look real hard, and believe, you can spot a blurry Lara hanging onto the fence at the right, pulling back as the deer moved forward

  22. Reindeer mit Lara (Art Shot(tm)). The shadow to the right is Lara, looking into penned area where the reindeer lay

  23. The traditional U.S. flag in Christmas lights; also, "God Bless The USA"

  24. The choo-choo train cars (pulled by a tractor through the woods for two minutes) that we waited at least a half hour to board ...

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