Echo Lake in August

August 8-14, 2006
Pictures by Mom

  1. Lara's first rowboat ride!

  2. Dad does the heavy lifting

  3. Contemplative walk in the forest full of monsters and ghosts

  4. Teaching Grandpa about play-doh

  5. takes some concentration on the part of both

  6. Dress-up

  7. Clearly a Stanford baby

  8. Picking flowers to dry for garden therapy

  9. Lara picked some for the cottage

  10. Alert Ella

  11. As Nika says: Is your hair still that color?!

  12. Farewell evening by the lake

  13. Avec Maman

  14. Jacket plus sandals: it's still summer, but it gets cool in the evenings

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 25, 2006