Another Aunt to Clifton Park!

August 3-8, 2006
Marianne drops on by to meet Ella and run around with Lara ... I should edit out more of these than I do.

  1. We go shopping at a women's clothing store, and I wander the store with Lara, to give Kathi a bit of a chance to look at clothes. Lara starts shopping modestly - picking up just a few purses.

  2. I think I need these two pink ones, too

  3. Maybe a red purse?

  4. My arms are not full yet

  5. Project Runway: Purses!

  6. Check it out!

  7. Sometimes, I have to eat ice cream with the whisk

  8. Once you remove the toys from the green thing, it's very good to sit in

  9. Rainer and Ella

  10. Washing feet

  11. The artist contemplates

  12. La-raaa! Ella calls out

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 22, 2006