June 24-25, 2006

First we drove from Telluride to Durango, via Ouray. Beautiful scenic drive. We stayed overnight in Durango (first having located the train station, so we'd find it easily in the morning) and the next day took the train up to Silverton. 3 1/2 hours to cover 50 miles. We spent the day and night in Silverton, a charming but real mining town. I'm not sure there is any mining at all going on now - there still is, a bit, in Telluride. We went on a tour of an old mine before we caught the train back to Durango, retrieved the SUV and drove on to Cortez.

  1. All aboard (they insisted we board a half hour before departure)

  2. Animas River on the way to Silverton

  3. We stayed overnight in a B&B that had an outdoor (underheated) hot tub. I made matters worse by not realizing I should put the lid back on when I got out (it was open when I walked into the yard, our hostess having taken the lid off for me).

  4. Tea and cake

  5. Contemplation

  6. Silverton

  7. We happened upon the brass band; they play every Sunday evening

  8. A minor miner data-mining information put forth by the former miner

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 26, 2006