Mesa Verde and Arches National Parks, Colorado

June 26 - July 3, 2006: We visited Mesa Verde and Arches National Parks, each for a day, then repaired to Telluride for the last four or five days of our Colorado whirlwind tour. We stayed in a condo again near the river (but unfortunately not directly looking out over the river).

  1. Our first view of the glorious place we had dinner - on the day of Mom and Dad's anniversary

  2. Two happy visitors to the buffet

  3. Huge outcroppings in Arches

  4. I think this is the "Three Gossips"

  5. Telluride flowers

  6. Dad took these flower pictures

  7. The river flows nearby: Dad took this picture when he walked up towards the waterfall, taking the footpath in back of where our condo complex was

  8. The waterfall - this is a very popular hike among Telluridians as well as visitors

  9. That looks like a daunting rock climb

  10. Water and rock and green

  11. You can see the waterfall from partway down

  12. Breathtaking view of the valley, from the trail to the waterfall

  13. It was late June/early July during our stay in Telluride - at almost 9,000 feet above sea level, Telluride's spring can't be much earlier than June.

  14. The long path home

  15. We went back up the mountain and it was cool! That is, the temperature was low! We, of course, added to the other sort of "cool" aspect of the place.

  16. One last trip up the gondola for a late afternoon/early evening cup of tea - or beer, or margarita ...

  17. Outside the Telluride Catholic church

  18. We visited a funky little Native American museum just outside of Montrose, where we spent the last night before catching flights home on July 4.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 25, 2006