Telluride I

Telluride, Colorado, June 20-24, 2006
Pictures by Charlotte Mueller

  1. We rented a Ford Escape SUV, which worked very well for us. Comfortable, and just enough room for all our luggage.

  2. The scene at the end of the road in Telluride. From here, it's 4-wheel-drive Jeep unimproved dirt roads of sorts. Fairly large rocks, potholes and twisty turns make it a tiring road to drive.

  3. Picnic by the side of the road, after a long and interesting drive through the national forest in back of the airport - the Last Dollar Road

  4. Picnic, con't

  5. Dad and Marianne in the hot tub at Riverside condos

  6. Gerhard on the balcony above the river

  7. Noch ein mal

  8. The San Miguel River runs the length of town - it's pretty cold as it comes down from the mountains

  9. We took a tour in a red Pinzgauer up to Imogene Pass, a hard road to drive. You could see our driver Dave strain and pull the manual-shift truck up the mountain. He admitted after doing this (or similar drives) two or three times a day, he gets pretty tired.

  10. The mountains on the way up to Imogene Pass

  11. We stop to examine a falling-down pretty-old abandoned mining building. At one point, a thousand workers lived up here, with families.

  12. Dave explains the finer points of building decay

  13. Fixer-upper

  14. The Pinzgauer is easy to spot in the distance

  15. The mining village had a good view

  16. Apparently the snow only began melting in earnest a few weeks ago

  17. Free-lance hikers (we left the group and scrambled up a hill of scree)

  18. Dad conquers 13,14 feet

  19. The mailstop at the top of the pass

  20. Flowers neighboring snow

  21. Volcanic peak

  22. I am not sure why suddenly, some of the mountains are reddish pink

  23. Gerhard takes a Bud break

  24. Clouds clustered but never turned dark

  25. The view from inside

  26. Bridalveil Falls

  27. The view of Telluride down in the valley, on the drive back down from Imogene Pass

  28. Our friendly condo

  29. The unwatched and unused media center (well, I did turn on NPR in the mornings)

    The virtue of jogging, or, at least, the aftermath

  30. Time to pack and drive to Durango ...

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 18, 2006