Day Zero

October 3, 2006: Move in day!

  1. Amazingly, Gary of Shmoover Mover is the same person who moved me into Laning Chateau 3 1/3 years ago. This isn't Gary, though, but the other guy, who was really a riot and told all sorts of stories.

  2. Highly recommended for your bay area moves!

  3. They liked my Mexican chairs. Here you have Gary.

  4. I had an appointment at 3:30 and they were still moving things in, so I told them just to shut the door after they were done. When I came back, it was like a kid on Christmas morning, looking to see what was under the tree. This is what I found - box and furniture placement are those of the movers.

  5. Le bedroom

  6. Office (I did tell them before I left where I wanted the desk and bookshelf)

  7. It is with great happiness that I note that the microwave DOES fit under the cabinets.

  8. Table and mantle. By this point, I had moved the boxes to where I wanted them, and also moved furniture a bit.

  9. The TV will go on the 1939 sewing macine (that brown thing that looks like a table - the sewing machine is folded inside). The CD racks were 95% full back in my studio; I plan to get rid of half of the CDs so that A) it'll be easy to look for and find CDs and B) I'll have room for some new music.

  10. The chair didn't stay there long - I moved it into the office, where it serves as my desk chair. I think it lived in this spot for all of 5 minutes.

  11. The round pine table is where I work

  12. The exciting :-) placement of bedroom furniture: shelves for random stuff; wonderful clothes rack or whatever you call it ("never have to hang up today's clothes again!"); chintzy cheapo plastic and highly functional pseudo chest-of-drawers from IKEA

  13. I love the garage. Ladder, trolley and useful chair to climb on for reaching top shelves all came with!

  14. Shelves built-in along the back wall, and plenty of room on the side for free-standing shelves. Wire shelves on wheels had been in my kitchen at Laning Chateau, but here it'll be storage shelving.

  15. Toolboxes, power drills, and two boxes of screws and all that stuff now have an honorable home. The purple bag and the black bag next to it are the earthquake/emergency supplies.

  16. The view of the house from INSIDE THE GARAGE! I know this looks like every other picture of the house I've taken.

Marianne Mueller,
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