Ella's Baptism

October 14, 2006
Clifton Park, NY

  1. Hey, that's me on the computer!

  2. All dressed up

  3. Lara at home, in every possible way

  4. The star of the show is all dressed for church

  5. Ella takes the news in stride

  6. Oma and Grandma

  7. Opa over the shoulder

  8. Brothers united in New York

  9. (Uschi, forgive me, but I think these animated pictures of conversation are great! Just a personal note from the editor.)

  10. Making the point

  11. Resolution

  12. Ella suddenly objects

  13. But she calms down again, and remains as still as an angel for the whole service

  14. I don't want to sound like a broken record ... but it sures seems like Lara gets a lot of rides from Linda!

  15. I rest my case

  16. Lara explores the church in all its aspects

  17. Kids get this far-away contemplative look ... or maybe she's just tired

  18. A pewful of Muellers

  19. The baptism party: Godmother (Linda), Mother with child, Father, Godfather (Markus)

  20. Eileen rescues the situation (I had been lamely following Lara as she explored the cavern of the sprawling church complex)

  21. The priest who officiated

  22. Blessing the waters

  23. The moment comes closer

  24. Ella Maria is baptized

  25. The kids really enjoyed exploring the ranks of chairs, lined up like tunnels to crawl through

  26. The christening with holy oil

  27. There is a sense of tension released

  28. Father lights baptismal candles from the flame they keep burning for Easter celebrations

  29. Ella's candle

  30. Ella watches the flame

  31. Ella, light of our lives

  32. The audience in the pews watches intently

  33. A private moment

  34. Markus watches quietly

  35. Linda turns around to show sleepy Ella to the set of grandparents

  36. Consultation

  37. Who's teasing who?

  38. Lara is comfortable investigating Oma's necklace

  39. Markus points out some clearly obvious point

  40. A churchly (?) glow illumines Christian and Rainer

  41. What can I say, this is one of my favorites: the three brothers with three completely different aspects

  42. Meanwhile, Lara is still busy deconstructing Oma

  43. Time to check out the empty back rows

  44. Camouflaged in pink

  45. Even the older kids join in

  46. Family gathering: left to right, Marianne, Charlie, Charlotte, Linda, Lara, Kathi, Markus, Ella, Christian, Rainer, Ursula, Gerhard, Mike

  47. Charlotte chats up the clergy

  48. A gentle kindly man

  49. Swing low, sweet chariot, comin' for to carry me home ...

  50. Ella: better than going to any gym!

  51. It's been a long day, let's go home!

  52. Markus isn't buying

  53. It was cool in the mid-morning sun, but turned sweet and warm during the day for the party

  54. Men in suits

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