Let's go for a hike

Friday, October 13, 2006
Clifton Park, NY

Linda arrived Wednesday, Mike and I arrived Thursday ... Mom and Dad arrived Thursday ... we decided to go check out a famous battlefield from the Revolutionary War that is now a great hiking place. Gorgeous trees in full autumnal dress and clear blue skies accompanied us.

  1. It's well known that a car seat is the most comfortable spot for an early afternoon nap.

  2. Linda started laughing (we were waiting for the Revolutionary War Film to start, at the national park) and it was contagious.

  3. This went on for quite some time.

  4. Lara just knows a perfect Aunt is holding her.

  5. Ella is happy with Uncle Mike!

  6. Mid-October, upstate New York, a balmy day ...

  7. Lara wants to know: does anyone know where we're headed?

  8. Linda is wrapped around Lara's finger ...

  9. Cattails and blond grass

  10. Mike and Dad, looking trim

  11. The long shadow of a late mid-autumn afternoon

  12. Lara holds her fire

  13. The seventeen ways of carrying Lara

  14. Um ... Lara ... not helpful to put hand over Linda's eye ...

  15. Check it out! A real soldier's tent and supplies!

  16. What might this be?

  17. Ah, a drum! Excellent!

  18. Uncle Mike and Lara

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