The party after the baptism

Saturday, October 14
Clifton Park, NY

  1. Lara relaxes with a drink

  2. Grandperes

  3. Mom with the new godparents

  4. Two Brothers (isn't that the name of a restaurant?)

  5. An odd shot: looking at Lara through the mesh of her tent

  6. Ella looks comfortable

  7. Thank goodness SOMEONE is working around here

  8. Commiseration

  9. Ella looks improbably small

  10. A bit sleepy

  11. Neighbors from across the street

  12. Grandpa looks content

  13. Two flags flying

  14. At let us not forget ... the clan of kids

  15. Grandmeres

  16. Clearly Christian has been drinking

  17. Who is interrupting who?

  18. Kathi and Julie

  19. The alternative party: the kids downstairs.

  20. Looking at photo albums from years ago, from college days

  21. Here I am! The one in the longhorns sweatshirt!

  22. Old photo albums are fascinating. Remember Nora Ephron's words: when you see yourself from ten years ago, you're always amazed how good you looked back then, compared to what you thought you looked like. So remember this: in ten years you'll think the same thing! Not sure if this is a thought to cheer us up or depress us.

  23. Autumn leaves frame the birds perched on the sofa

  24. Lara helps out with the opening of the gifts

  25. Ella's attention is elsewhere

  26. I wish ...

  27. "Careful ...", Dad tells himself

  28. Holding Ella is serious business

  29. Linda imparts instruction to her new ward

  30. Now I'm wide awake again!

  31. Even babies get that far-away reflective look

  32. The family at rest - but competing to talk

  33. Solemnity

  34. The baby who likes having her diaper changed

  35. A)Evidence of chubby legs B) Blackmail photograph for later years

    Sunday, October 15

  36. At the sumptuous brunch at the country club the next day: Lara takes up reading to Ella

  37. Ella plays along

  38. Before we all started digging in - the tables of food stretched seemingly for miles

  39. Video display to distract Lara

  40. Back home, Lara reads to herself, but is a bit annoyed to be focused on

  41. She frowns at me, hoping that'll make me turn the camera's eye elsewhere

  42. Can't you leave me alone?!

    Monday, October 16 Albany, NY

  43. The gilded corridors and majestic staircases of the New York capitol building

  44. Ella cares less for politics and its trappings

  45. The flying saucer that landed on the capitol

  46. An attempt to capture a picture of the art rotating in the wind (plus two extraterrestrials, perhaps descended from The Egg)

  47. The Mothership

  48. We stopped for coffee and linzertort at a charming cafe in downtown Troy, which is worth an hour-long stroll

  49. War memorial

  50. Troy in autumn

  51. Lara survives her falls and cuts with the help of many-themed bandages

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