Ella's First Month

Linda visits Clifton Park: June, 2006

  1. Banana baby

  2. Ella checks out the room

  3. Kathi checks out Ella

  4. Squint for the camera flash

  5. Trio of angels

  6. Little smile for a little baby

  7. Big smile for a big girl

  8. Thoughtful Lara

  9. Not-sleepy Ella

  10. I can read my own books!

  11. But I'll let Mommie read

  12. Hey! Cool water on a hot day!

  13. What's this? A sprinkler?

  14. Eeeek!

  15. Talking to trees

  16. Dad's good at reading books, too, but I have to help him sometimes

  17. Ella takes it all in

  18. Ella gained two pounds and three inches in her first month!

  19. Cuteness

  20. Baby yoga

  21. Lara thinks the baby seat fits her just fine

  22. And so does Ella's new jacket!

  23. I love being a Big Sister!

  24. Where's my big sister?

  25. Daddy looks more sleepy than Ella

  26. Sleepy chocolate face?

  27. Ah no, Lara's alert!

  28. And rarin' to go

  29. Kathi starts teaching Ella the ins and outs of the Internet

  30. Aunt Linda is pretty good at this!

  31. And Ella approves and snoozes.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 9, 2006