Greek Easter 2006

  1. Our host, George.

  2. Mary Jane wails on the chocolate bunny, which has just been hurled from a great height. This is an annual tradition. A huge chocolate bunny is broken in to pieces for the kids to scoop up. But after the bunny flies from a tall height and before the kids are let at it, various grownups smash up the bigger pieces.

  3. Enter the kids.

  4. Jorge and Lucia.

  5. Lucia, Bhavana and Jorge at the dessert table that is groaning under the weight of the dozens of desserts (brought by the guests).

  6. Dessert felons.

  7. In front of the Marcus mansion. I don't believe they actually built it on an angle.

  8. Frankly the Easter Bunny looks a bit wiped out, and also, a bit like a sort of dog rather than a sort of rabbit.

  9. Crooner Ted.

  10. Looks like he is about to lose the mike - not due to his voice, it's beautiful.

  11. Bhavana says the water is quite warm, if perhaps not at that hot tub temperature. (This pool is heated.)

  12. Jorge climbs the kids' play structure. Not sure what to name it.

  13. Finding his footing.

  14. A bit of context. This is where the chocolate bunny was tossed out into the air and down onto the blue plastic tarp.

  15. Mary Jane and her beau hide from Jorge, but it might not work. He is lunging in, armed with weapon.

  16. The merry gang at the evening firepit.

  17. A water bottle and four friends. Someone has pretty good posture, I'd say.

  18. Sunset (or cloudset).

  19. Smoky conversation between Mary Jane's brother and Bhavana.

  20. The air clears but now the man is moving too fast to capture.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: April 24, 2006