Lara and Ella in Summer

The two sisters in summer of 2006 - pictures taken by Kathi in July and August.

Note that there is only one version of these pictures - the ones you see on this page. Clicking on a picture will have no effect - there is no larger version to display.

  1. Two girls smiling

  2. Don't call Social Services. It's just a bug bite.

  3. Lara's not too concerned

  4. Daddy's weighed down

  5. Ella's happy in her car seat

  6. Ella mesmerized in the bouncy seat

  7. Big smile

  8. I love my big sister

  9. Nap time?

  10. Pool, anyone?

  11. Tea, anyone? Guess I have to wait for Ella to grow up.

  12. The two amigos

  13. A young rapper with water bottle

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 16, 2006