The first two months

Ella was born June 1, 2006 - these pictures that Kathi took are from her first two months, June and July. Admittedly, Lara stars in many ...

This smallish collection of pictures represents Marianne's favorite from among 207 pictures on the CD!

  1. Yawwwwn!

  2. Like the weather, the kids' moods changes by the minute. Clouds pass over the sun.

  3. Bubble Wrap Lara.

  4. Lara holds Ella so gently

  5. Playing baby in the bassinet

  6. The blond Chinese

  7. objects to this moment

  8. Strolling along

  9. Ella puts Grandpa to sleep

  10. You talkin' to me?

  11. It's OK ...

  12. I know what you're thinking

  13. Watermelon bigger than my head

  14. This hat does so fit me

  15. See?

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 18, 2006