Gerhard and Uschi visit San Francisco

Saturday, April 1

I inexplicably forgot my camera at home, so I bought a disposable camera. About half the pictures didn't come out, to my great distress. There were some great pictures in Muir Woods, including one of the three of us together. Ah well.

  1. By the 5-foot vase of Dore, named "La Poeme de Vigne", or "Poem of the Vine". Oddly, there is no identifying plaque.

  2. The newly rebuilt de Young museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The tower is mildly controversial. I like it.

  3. A cat basks in the (rare) sun. It has been raining for weeks in these parts and shows no sign of letting up.

  4. A distant view of the de Young, and evidence of the great amount of construction going on in the vicinity. They are rebuilding the science museum, set to open in 2006.

  5. Mysteries of the park: a statue of Goethe and Schiller.

  6. Gorgeous blue horn flowers (my name) are in bloom, a large field of them.

  7. We ate lunch at the Cliff House, out by the Pacific. The view is much better than in this photo ...

  8. At Muir Woods, next to a fallen 1,000-year old tree. (Or older, I don't remember now.) This particular tree fell of its own accord, it wasn't chopped all the way down by someone with an ax.

  9. Nabbed! Back at the hotel, Uschi and Gerhard get their belongings out of the trunk of the car so they can pack before heading home the next day. Their belongings include a number of not-very-small plants (magnolias etc.) they plan to put in the luggage.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: April 8, 2006