The Day Before

May 11

I showed up w/o (explicit) invitation to 29 Spruce to celebrate Lara's 2nd birthday, not to mention: Rainer's birthday, Kathi's soon-to-be second girl, Mom's Mother Day and Kathi's Mother Day. Worth that cross-country flight.

  1. Lara puts on her own ears.

  2. In the YMCA daycare, a tutu.

  3. Back home, Kathi puts together the goodie bags for the two upcoming birthday parties.

  4. Noch ein mal.

  5. Charlie is surprised to see Marianne plopped on a sofa.

  6. Grandma relaxes.

  7. Papa

  8. Reading with concentration

  9. Reading together

  10. At the slide

  11. Soccer champ

  12. Sandbox

  13. Climbing the big slide

  14. Red ball in right hand, purple ball in left

  15. Getting ready

  16. to make a wish

  17. A little missy misting

  18. Oops

  19. Where is my lawnmower.

  20. Trimming the cement

  21. Falling backwards on purpose!

  22. With Emma, Ethan and Simon from down the street

  23. Sifting silicon

  24. "All day, all night Marianne ... Watching Lara sifting sand ..."

  25. I think I will hide!

  26. You can't see me!!!

  27. Fireworks pine baby

  28. Koeniger Chateau, Clifton Park, New York

  29. Tulips and tree in bloom

  30. A closer look (first of many ...)

  31. Carter and Hannah come over to play on the slides

  32. Wise counsel

  33. You got this under control, Hanngh?

  34. You can get some of the kids to smile some of the time

  35. but not all of the kids all of the time.

  36. Budding blueberry plantation

  37. Everyone gets in the act

  38. Carter is as delighted as Lara

  39. We pushed various bikes, car, scooters up and down the driveway for hours ...

  40. Content Carter

  41. Another art shot (tm) of the house in bloom

  42. Carter on the nifty bike from Germany

  43. Grandma with a couple of tykes on bikes

  44. Grandpa takes over

  45. Hannah

  46. Double duty

  47. Evening delight

  48. Grandpa shows Lara how to make train whistle sounds with your hands

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 12, 2006