The Second Party

May 13

  1. Your humble (not) publisher

  2. Lara models the clothes that great-uncle Gerhard sent

  3. Oooooo

  4. It's all about you, Gerhard!

  5. Bump-a-daze!

  6. Hey, Grandpa!

  7. The opera singer

  8. Your turn, Grandpa

  9. Aren't I clever!

  10. Charles, pianist

  11. It takes concentration

  12. OK, he's no Mozart, but it's a cheery tune

  13. Lara dispatches paper towels

  14. and recommences climbing the stairs from the basement to the main floor

  15. Lotte and the jewelbeetle backpack (a present given Lara)

  16. She takes a shine to the critter

  17. We all laugh

  18. Your publisher, in profile

  19. Is the popsicle sweet or sour? Or just cold?

  20. Lara ponders this question

  21. Caroline reads to Lara - Caroline is the first of many party guests to arrive (with parents, bien sur ...)

  22. Michael, neighbor from two doors away

  23. and brother Nathanial

  24. Tomoe and Keigo

  25. Megan (neighbor)

  26. Michael, Diane's son

  27. Diane and Joseph

  28. 8 1/2 months - with Aimee and Anna

  29. This one's for Linda

  30. The bird feeder of destiny (Kathi's present to Rainer for his birthday, which coincides with Lara's birthday, May 12). Glen and Kate look on; Pascale too.

  31. Hannah all dressed up

  32. Petey and Erin

  33. Delicious cake from Sam's Club: chocolate with custard filling, and, carrot

  34. The theme of the year is "Dora"

  35. Anna and Aimee

  36. Hannah is perhaps Lara's favorite person apart from Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa and ...

  37. Hannah lifts Lara nearer the candle

  38. The flame burns

  39. Inhale ...

  40. Mission accomplished! We don't know what she wished for, though.

  41. Grandpa with Grace (Danielle and Glen's)

  42. Rainer nears his cake ... with Michael and Carter

  43. ditto

  44. Another wish wished

  45. Two-fisted

  46. Joseph and Michael (brothers)

  47. Rainer and Ryo

  48. Nicholas

  49. Nicholas

  50. Nicholas and Mom Cynthia

  51. Lara applies icing as makeup, or, simulated mustache and beard

  52. Lotte gets into these kiddy carts

  53. Josh

  54. Petey and Erin with parents Peter and Virginia

  55. Grandma with Carter and Lara. Carter lives across the street, brother to Hannah.

  56. Michael, Pascale and Hannah

  57. Derrick (hannah and Carter's father)

  58. Joseph

  59. Diane

  60. Danielle and Glen with Kate and Grace

  61. Nathalie

  62. Aimee with Anna and Maeve

  63. ditto

  64. Grandma with Carter and Lara

  65. The loot

  66. Grandma with Aimee

  67. Maeve

  68. Anna and Maeve

  69. Julie's lilacs

  70. Denise

  71. Maeve

  72. Blow that pinwheel

  73. Kathi takes over opening presents ... Lara was distracted ...

  74. Eileen with Lara

  75. "Tie a blue ribbon..." - Kathi gets punchy

  76. Lara's getting sleepy ... it's been a long day with lots of excitement

  77. Rainer displays a stiff upper lip, but we're all getting tired ...

  78. Anna

  79. Maeve

  80. You can't see him, but Mike's on the phone

  81. Caterpiller tunnel - Anna and Maeve

  82. Lara emerges the far end

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 16, 2006