Mother's Day

May 14

  1. Assuming the (TV) position

  2. Lara doesn't use a pacifier anymore BUT one of her birthday presents, a doll, came complete with bottle, pacifier, diaper, dish, spoon, backpack ... and Lara has commandeered the pacifier.

  3. A gymnast

  4. Charlie holds the new dolly whose pacifier has been absconded

  5. Charlotte on this Mother's Day

  6. Profile

  7. This would be a picture of Dad napping except he opened his eyes just as I was taking the picture

  8. So I forced him to pose asleep

  9. Sometime later - the real thing - as sleep overtakes him. We were all a bit tired on Sunday after the days of partying and feasting.

Last updated May 16, 2006
Marianne Mueller