Redwoods Preserve

May 1

I biked up to the Thornewood Mid-Peninsula Open Space Preserve, on Old La Honda Road in Woodside. The trail is muddy and some pathways across streams are washed out and you have to jump carefully from mud-smeared boulder to mud-smeared boulder. I didn't fall in, miraculously.

I walked up the hill to spy on 171, the house where we used to live.

  1. I'm amazed - they put up a sign to let the unwashed masses know this is an open space preserve, open to the public.

  2. This part of the world was logged in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It's second growth redwoods now. You can see many stumps from the trees they felled back when.

  3. The second growth trees are tall but not so fat yet.

  4. The forest is pretty dense, though. Also if you wander off the trail (as I did once, years ago) it's easy to lose your bearings very quickly.

  5. Babies. (Baby redwoods.)

  6. Teenagers?

  7. The hillside is steep.

  8. I walked up the hill to where we used to live and was amazed to see they put in a real driveway where I used to park my little car. Also a new fence.

  9. I believe this driveway is larger in square feet than the basement apartment I inhabited for 7 years.

  10. The path down to my old apartment has been paved with stone - but there's no handrail ...

  11. Flowers in bloom.

  12. I used to sit out in the sun and read in the yard.

  13. The new owners turned the old well into a fountain. I liked it better as the wild herb garden. I admit it looks pretty with the wisteria.

  14. Back on the road ... forget me not.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 1, 2006