Welcome Eleonora

September 16, 2006, at Miriam's, to welcome her new housemate Eleonora

  1. Eleonora preparing dough

  2. Miriam made a beautiful cheesecake that I dropped when I was taking it out an hour later. We salvaged it and it tasted great but ... let's just say I am still mortified.

  3. Shucking corn

  4. Heads bent. The three of us worked in the kitchen from 1:30 until (and after) people started arriving at 5. Work for the party started a month earlier, when Eleonora and Miriam shopped for plants for the outdoor patio garden. Then food shopping started on Friday ... extended through Saturday morning ... some emergency quick stops at the store on Saturday afternoon ...

  5. Barry the Red and Eleonora

  6. Michael

  7. Graeme

  8. From the sidewalk

  9. Miriam's courtyard garden

  10. The party outside

  11. and inside

  12. Profile: Geetha

  13. Susan

  14. Derrick and Mary Jane

  15. Jorge

  16. Le Michel

  17. Preparing for duets: Russ

  18. Putting heads together: Geetha and Ashwath in front of the sculpted head of former housemate Eric

  19. Impromptu concert

  20. Eleonora

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