Monterey Bay Aquarium - the trip

Sunday, September 24, pretty close to equinox by the way, with Karin and Nika and Ian we headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  1. A giant artichoke, without children.

  2. A giant artichoke, with children.

  3. Nika coloring the placemat at The Giant Arthichoke Restaurant. Karin and I had the steamed artichoke. Kids had kid food. Which includes snitching other people's steamed arthichoke, apparently.

  4. Halfway through a 3-hour marathon at the aquarium, we sit down for coffee (Karin and Marianne) and ice cream cookie sandwiches (Nika and Ian).

  5. Ian either refuses to pose, or (and this is my guess) he is the best at striking a pose. Artistry from the other side of the photographer's lense.

  6. They feed the penguins for something like a half hour, and make sure each penguin gets the number of fish it's supposed to get. The penguins all have names. Kids ask a lot of questions during the feed, and quite good questions, such as could they survive if they lived outside the aquarium (no).

Marianne Mueller,
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