First Christmas - The Decorations

  1. I drove (!) to a Christmas tree lot in Menlo Park, and brought home a larger tree than I thought I would. This one is over 6', I think.

  2. Kathi, Innsbruck Olympic mascot, and Mike!

  3. Under a different light

  4. Linda and Kathi

  5. Cool glasses, Linda!

  6. A milkweed ornament from long ago, and of course a mushroom

  7. Marianne in ... 1978?, and a shell ornament from Charlotte of Salzburg

  8. The ancient ("antique") stocking on the right (looks like it's from the 50s) reads: Charles

  9. NOEL

  10. The traditional southwestern adobe creche scene in wreath

  11. This photograph DOES look a hundred years old; could be a veritable antique. Mom thinks one of the singers looks like Linda.

  12. Angels heralding the creche scene

  13. Bookshelves pressed into service

  14. 1950s angel music boxes from Grandma Erlmoser, around Hummel figurine of Madonna and Child. I didn't get too many cards this year (on top). I forgot to put up the card from Kathi! I hit my forehead!

  15. Kid's corner

  16. Tree and mantle

Marianne Mueller,
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