A new office in Palo Alto

The Zen room zens no more. A desk and "storage unit" moved in. All hail the miracle people who assemble IKEA pieces.

  1. The bookcase with glass shelves, the new "storage unit". Of the IKEA family "Magiker". I also bought the handy red cardboard boxes and magazine holder at IKEA. Believe it or not, you have to assemble the red cardboard boxes. I did assemble those myself.

  2. The desk is centered in front of the window. Both desk and bookcase are of the color "birch effect".

  3. The desk is from the IKEA family of parts named "Mikael".

  4. This shot is superfluous.

  5. The blue orange peel chair is not high enough to use with this desk. It just likes to come into the new office and hang out.

  6. The glass doors open.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: April 27, 2006