Friday, November 24, 2006: The day after Thanksgiving; Dinner at Lee's; in which I come home victorious with a new black leather chair.

  1. Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. Lee and Bob are new-old friends.

  2. They were not being terribly helpful posing.

  3. Next to Bob is Doug, who lives about half a block away at Lincoln and Bryant, sort of the southeast corner, but in any case, across from the SunBonnet House (Maybeck) whose restoration has been going on quite a while. It is really a fascinating story of the restoration-to-the-original, down to painfully executed minor details that must have cost an arm and a leg and that no one at all would ever have noticed anyway.

  4. Art is Doug's father and he moved into the house on Lincoln in 1959. Art flew the plane he caretakes to the ocean today and touched down at Half Moon Bay. He said it was very beautiful today over the ocean.

  5. Against everyone's expectations, especially mine, I agreed to take the black leather armchair that Lee and Bob were trying to put up for adoption. Lee, wasting not a second, started moving it across the driveway to my house. Doug was pressed into service. Lee found a bedspread or something in the garage that they used as a sling, although the chair is on two rollers. I guess maybe they sort of dragged it with the bedspread, letting it roll along the two rollers. I swung with them, clump, swing, clump, swing, clumping along on crutches.

  6. Now how are we exactly getting it up the steps?

  7. Lee models in black and red. She recommends this pose for sitting in the chair.

  8. Doug checks out the blue orange peel chair.

Marianne Mueller,
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