Furniture of Destiny

My heart, she is full. Serendipitously I found this 5-piece 1930s bedroom set on craigslist, for a bargain price, no less. A very nice handyman came by and worked for about an hour making the bed ultra-stable. Also he and a helper put the huge and heavy mirror in place. The chair needs a bit of TLC. Now off to Macy's and their 1/2 price mattress sale.

September 26, 2007

  1. Pre-installation - this gives an idea of the size of the mirror

  2. Armoire and bed

  3. L'armoire

  4. Top shelf of armoire

  5. Bakelite (?) handles on armoire and dressing table

  6. Headboard detail (bad light)

  7. Who is that lady in the mirror. A rather outrageously large mirror.

  8. Side view (superfluous)

  9. Detail on dressing table (more bad light)

  10. Detail on dressing table (with flash this time)

  11. Side table (does not "match" - that is, it's not from this set - but it matches in a general sense)

  12. The chair is darling and the perfect height & comfortable, but, needs a bit of upholstery work. For now I'm just covering it with a nice piece of cloth.

Marianne Mueller,
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