Retro Patio Chairs

Having found the chair, now I have to figure out which four colors. I lean towards maroon, green, yellow, blue. Or should I get red instead of maroon, or orange instead of blue??? Here are the six candidates for your consideration.

Note: I'm leaning towards the green (outdoorsy) palette: dark green, light green, pale yellow, white. The dark green and light green have arrived; instructions are shown here. Ho ho ho as I try to put these together. - January 19, 2007

Available from Stacks and Stacks, $79.99,

  1. Coddled victory: pumpkin pie used as lure to get chairs assembled, January 21, 2007

  2. The partslist (sic)

  3. The instructions. Four steps and two figures (oddly illegible in larger version).

  4. Yellow

  5. Maroon (muted compared to red)

  6. Blue

  7. Green (funky green)

  8. Orange

  9. Red

Marianne Mueller,
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