Treasures from cardboard boxes from storage

  1. Red and black cape for Michael, Marianne and Linda from Grandma Erlmoser; sewing box to Mom from her mother; Tahlhammer black boxy-style wool sweater from Mom to Marianne; Saltine tin of infamy. The Saltine tin is an excellent cookie tin.

    I think Mike would have been about ?, Marianne ?, Linda ?, when Grandma sent those capes in ??? [Marianne managed to lose track of the info Mom sent about this ... will research ...] I am sure there are family photos of Linda and me in the capes. Linda: keep an eye out when you scavenge the photo piles at Echo Lake!

  2. Mike - I bet you didn't know I have your Jung book! And Dad: I have your cigar box, which I am now using to stash Bills To Be Verified (aka bills to-be-paid).

  3. Three of my favorite kids' books: Lucky Miss Ticklefeather, The Best-Loved Doll, and a nicely illustrated version of Little Red Riding Hood.

  4. Etwas von den Wurzelkindern, by Sibylle v. Olfers: the best children's book ever

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