The Amazing Dock Project of 2007!

Linda (architect; designer; procurer of lumber; worker), Dad (Project Manager; worker) and Darrin (all-around-guy; worker) dismantled the old sitting dock and built a new one out of (plastic from recycled plastic bags and other stuff) Trex. "No maintenance" is the promise. "Beautiful and inviting dock" is the current happy result! Pictures by Mom (documentarian; photographer).

  1. Out with the old, in with the new. The hardest part (I think?) is always doing the afterwards-hidden but incredibly important prepartion, in this case, getting rid of the old dock, putting up the frame, leveling the ground ...

  2. A serious looking frame.

  3. Darrin and Dad contemplate the boards, both the treated lumber for the frame, and the Trex for on top.

  4. It's starting to look like a platform.

  5. 12' x 12'!

  6. That is what I call a circular saw. You could not pay me to go near it.

  7. Yowza! They make it look so easy, just marching along, putting on the Trex. I believe that in keeping with Dad's philosophy, the boards were screwed in place, not nailed.

  8. Dad and Linda (on their own) finish up.

  9. During the whole project, the trolls keep watch in the woods.

Marianne Mueller,
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