Cottage Garden, June 27 update

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  1. One of the four hot pepper plants that is doing well. This is one of the earthbox guys - mesilla.

  2. Orlaya grandiflora, out by the front door. I started this german wildflower from seed. The thing next to the orlaya is a chamomile bush - its little flowers look like daisies and I can harvest them for tea. On the right, on the bottom, you can see the purple and yellow johnny jump-up violas. The tomato in its cage is not doing that spectacularly (not good sun here) but there are some tomatoes.

  3. The coreopsis in back are almost over with (bloomed for a couple months, late April - late June) and the marigold in front is just starting.

  4. Golden feverfew - it looks plain but I like it.

Marianne Mueller,
Last modified: Thu Jul 5 07:53:22 PDT 2007