March 2007 in Clifton Park

  1. Climbing up the stairs from the basement

  2. Fairy princess

  3. Kathi took pity on me (I had just arrived when she left for a haircut) and had a neighborhood girl come over to help keep an eye on Ella

  4. A parting glance at the Disney movie playing on the big screen

  5. It's hard work

  6. Busy in the kitchen

  7. Yes?

  8. Sleepy Ella

  9. The results are quite fine (haircut)

  10. In deep shadow, the profile of Kathi can barely be glimpsed. ArtShot(tm).

  11. The kids are always glad when Mommie is back home

  12. Imagine me cajoling Kathi to pose-but-don't-look-like-you're-posing ...

  13. There was a conjecture that Ella was teething

  14. Concentration

  15. Ella wants in on the action

  16. Lara was very sure she wanted us to eat dinner in the dining room every night!

  17. I am queen of the red-eye shot

  18. Pure joy!

  19. Seated beauty

  20. Yes!! A haircut shot!

  21. Ella likes bananas and cheerios

  22. The baker of bread, and chocolate croissants!

  23. A Lara-sized snow toddler

  24. Sharing sunglasses

  25. Enough of this - let's pick up the snowman

  26. Sharing Mommy's hat with the new snowman

  27. It was actually quite warm and pleasant outside, and the snow was melting rapidly

  28. Daddy built a much bigger snowman!

  29. Looking out at the world

  30. Talking with Daddy

  31. and getting a hug

  32. Disney off-screen?

  33. The kids are always busy

  34. And sometimes feigning innocence

  35. Snack?

  36. A rainy day

  37. Lara is driving the car, Daddy is in the front passenger seat, and the back seats are empty

  38. Hey, keep your eyes on the road

  39. Book time

  40. In the park, through the woods

  41. Carter and Hannah ... impossible to get them to look at the same time! They are jumping on a suspended plank bridge, which is why Lara's face is blurry - she's in motion

  42. Waiting for motion

  43. Hannah too

  44. Giddyup!

  45. On the whirlimajig

  46. Spinning!

  47. Time for some swing action

  48. Starting to kick on her own ...

  49. Definitely has the leg-extending down!

  50. Deep sleep

  51. Entertaining Ella

  52. On a beautiful warm day - in the 60s - Lara got out her bubble-blowing lawn mower, as well as every bubble-blowing-thingie in the garage! We had quite a collection on the driveway.

  53. Le voila. It turns out that pouring the bubble liquid from bottle to bottle is even more engrossing than blowing bubbles.

  54. With a power bubble-blower

  55. Hey! There they go!

  56. Innocence sleeps

  57. The evening of March 27, Julie and Caroline came over for some cake and merriment

  58. Glee

  59. Ella is tuckered out

  60. Lara is wearing a necklace that she and Mommy made (?) that Mommy is letting her wear

  61. Something must have happened! I have no idea what!

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