Upstate New York - August/September, 2007

  1. In Orley and Mary's little apartment

  2. Mary

  3. Looking at photos

  4. The merry-go-round at Highland Park

  5. Dad poses on a swing in Highland Park

  6. Walking around the lake

  7. Lavender lady

  8. Ella appropriates the new sandbox

  9. Moving sand to the sandbox!

  10. At least Marianne is paying attention to the camera. The rest of the crew seems distracted.

  11. Ella is long!

  12. Wrong way, Ella.

  13. Lara shares her grapes ... almost

  14. Minx

  15. Ella highly approves of the sandbox

  16. She patiently shows Granpa how to do it

  17. Crowding around the table on the inside porch

  18. The artist at work

  19. Purposeful contemplation

  20. Laughing Lara

  21. Ella is serious

  22. Lara by the lake

  23. In the wind

  24. I forget why we were pouring water. There was a vitally important reason at the time.

  25. Into the lake!

  26. Walking up the ramp

  27. Ella is generally busy.

  28. Climbing pink mountains

  29. Lifting large yellow logs

  30. One has to keep eating to keep up one's strength

  31. Concentration

  32. Mermaid

  33. Tossing rocks into the lake

  34. When you're good, you're good

  35. The living swing!

  36. Lara looks older than 3 1/2 ...

  37. Granpa, don't hog all the salad

  38. Ella is extremely self-satisfied now that she has captured her ice cream cone

  39. Pretty good progress.

  40. Mere et fils

  41. Echo Lake Tanning Salon

  42. Walking on the big stones -- the better to reach in and grab the small stones again

  43. Hiding in plain sight

  44. Pretty new dress

  45. Flower child with a twinkle in her eye

  46. On the go

  47. The rides at the Labor Day fair in Greene were a bit lame, but Lara liked (some of) them!

  48. Lara checks to see if Mom is still there

  49. You'd think it was the Indy 500!

  50. Inside the big bouncy box

  51. Leap!

  52. Ella finds the nearest tree and sits next to it. Ella is a tree person.

  53. With something to say!

  54. Lara is an adept and independent swimmer

  55. Mom and Dad enter the picture

  56. Dad and the roaring fire

  57. Two for the swing of one

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