LED Christmas Lights - half off!

I forgot to ask the crucial question: is my price half the posted price, or is the half-off price the posted price? (I think my half-off price is half the posted price, but I'll double check at the hardward store today.)

As a resident of Palo Alto, I can buy up to 10 strings (of any sort) at half off. This is being sponsored by the utility district (Palo Alto has its own utility for gas/electric/water/sewer/recycling/garbage ... used to be cable, too, but that was knocked out by corporate powers. Our city-wide utility is quite a bit cheaper than the state-wide electricity and gas system, known as PG&E, which is reviled for its role in our blackouts, but that is another story. It is very nice to have one monthly bill for all that stuff. And the City is forever sending us ways to save energy or recycle more or what have you. Life among liberals - such Big Government interference in my Lifestyle.)

There are four styles of strings of lights:

  1. One long string with "typical shape" bulbs evenly spaced. Multicolor or clear; different lengths; different spacing.
  2. Same as above, but with pinecone-style bulbs; multi-colored or clear
  3. Pinecone icicle; multi-colored or clear
  4. Nets; multi-colored only

I felt like an industrial spy, taking pictures of all the wares, and writing down all the specs and prices. But I told the guy in the store I had to show them to someone before I decided what to buy. I think he believed me since A) I didn't really look like an industrial spy and B) we chatted for quite a while about bubble lights, which he used to carry but doesn't anymore since they often arrived broken.

Vanna White's finger can be seen pressing down the button on the "Try Me!" display packages, to light up the bulbs for photography. Are we pro or what.

Don't be shy about ordering as many as you want -- if the family all together wants to buy more than 10 strings, I am sure I can use some of my neighbors's vouchers to buy the others.

  1. 25 Multi-colored. Colors are clear, orange, green, blue, yellow, red. "C9 Bulbs; last 20 years; uses 60% - 90% less energy." 26' long with 12" spacing between bulbs; each bulb about 1 1/2" tall. $14.

  2. 60 multi-colored bulbs; 20' long with 4" spacing; bulbs about 1" tall. "C6 Bulbs" $12.

  3. Same as above, but clear/white. $12.

  4. 50 multi-colored pinecone-bulbs on 16.7' string with 4" spacing; bulbs about 1" tall. These are somewhat skinny and I suppose are thought to look like tiny pinecones. $10.

  5. Same as above, but clear/white. $10.

  6. 100 multi-colored OR clear/white "pinecone icicle" bulbs; 9.85' string with 4" spacing. Bulb about 1" tall. These dangle from the main string, on secondary string, if you know what I mean. $20. You know, icicles.

  7. This is what the icicle strings look like.

  8. 108 multi-colored nets. 6' by 4' with 4" spacing. Think fishnet. Multi-colored only. Forgot to write down price!!! I bet this is also in the "$20 - specialty string" price range but I will check.

  9. This is what a net looks like.

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