Home ... around July 21, 2008

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  1. Woodlands garden

  2. Canna tropicana out by the front of the house

  3. A mess o' flowers out front

  4. My favorite flower out front: linaria. I call it my Dalai Lama flower because it's maroon and gold. And sweet.

  5. Dill going to seed

  6. My chair by the woodlands garden

  7. Canna tropicana blooms

  8. Volunteer sunflower, now 10'. So far has had 7 flowers and more on the way.

  9. The back garden - herb garden unseen but it's behind the containers - note tall sunflower to the left. It's growing out of one of the containers and it was a volunteer from (I believe) the compost. It's a type they had at PADG (the MG garden) and I brought some home last year to use in an arrangement and I probably put the seeds in the compost. Well one of them showed up!

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