At home: July 30, 2008

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  1. Impatiens 'Congo'

  2. Evening Primose (a day past its peak beauty alas)

  3. Red currant berries at top - yellow and green Abutilon - Vietnamese basil in front left - tall leek greens in back of heirloom red and gold marigold - pink fuchsia under short sunflower on the top right. This is supposed to be a picture of the marigold.

  4. fuchsia, marigold, leek greens

  5. add in Vietnamese basil

  6. marigold and leek greens

  7. little gnome guy among bronze fennel and burnet salad

  8. Can you see the spider in the middle?

  9. The orange blooms are a volunteer scarlet runner bean, must have seeded itself last su

  10. There she is

  11. Nasturtium leaves

  12. The best-loved weeds; pink flowers, very feathery and light. The image is blurred as the flowers are moving in the wind.

  13. And they adorn the compost bin after all

Marianne Mueller,
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