Garden at home

early- and mid-June, 2008

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  1. Mom: here's agapanthus. About 4' tall and in clumps - also about 3' - 4' wide. Some people call these derisively "freeway flower" since they are hardy and put up with unpleasant conditions. I don't like them but you see them all over. There is no reason for my antipathy. Like all prejudices, it has a dark, shadowy origin that doesn't bear close inspection. I suppose I just get tired of seeing it all the time.

  2. The bee home that Linda build - it's the wood hanging on the fence, in between nasturtium in bloom and lemon tree just past bloom.

  3. Bee home, closeup: you can see some of the holes are clogged? That means we have success and some native bees have moved in. I guess they lay eggs like so.

  4. Hydrangea from a friend; fennel from seed (now 5' tall).

  5. My life in the shade. Back patio.

  6. A clump of Orlaya grandiflora, rare German wildflower that grows out front (not accidentally; I did seed it)

  7. Orlaya grandiflora, bloom

  8. Orlaya grandiflora seeds forming

  9. A day's pickin's - sugar snap peas, spinach, lettuce. I had lettuce coming out of my ears but it was the best lettuce I ever had if I do say so myself.

  10. Adirondack chair ... an inspired purchase ...

  11. Nothing beautiful is ever easy. A volunteer Orlaya grandiflora in a crack in the sidewalk

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