Two Takes on The Tempest

June 29, 2008

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  1. In rehearsal - the Puppet Players

  2. Hawaiin Princess Miranda

  3. Blond Prospero with subjects under her dominion

  4. Miranda listens to the story of how she came to the island

  5. Our punk Ariel riffs in answer

  6. Miranda succumbs to her father's spell

  7. Ferdinand is pleased

  8. Miranda and Ferdinand snuggle

  9. The powerpoint version

  10. Sycorax images courtesy the Getty

  11. The smitten approach

  12. Prospero

  13. 'Tis Prospero's undergone a sea-change

  14. Shakespeare at work

  15. One of the competing Ariels

  16. Ariel 2

  17. The players demand much of the author

  18. Concentrated

  19. We are such stuff

  20. Let my players go

  21. One by one they are roped in

  22. The whole ensemble

Marianne Mueller,
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