Eating from the Garden Summer 2008

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August 17: dug up potatoes - 6 types - most dramatic is the purple one (purple inside and out). One zucchini so far - I am disproving the theory that if one plants squash one will have too much squash. The thing is, I planted too late, plus it doesn't get very much sun.

  1. Potatoes, squash (1), cherry tomatoes, much basil, flowers - these are from community plot. Most of the tomatoes and all the basil are from my neighbor's plot. She went to Europe for two weeks and bequeathed me her bounty.

  2. potatoes

  3. squash and tomatoes

  4. Roses, sunflower, nasturtium, amaranth

  5. Destined for the pot

  6. Vegetable curry: eggplant, 3 kinds beans, squash, sweet pepper, potatoes. That one little squash and the potatoes are from my plot; the rest is what I brought home this week from the Master Gardener Demo Garden.

Marianne Mueller,
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