f53: July 19-21

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  1. Don't ask me why I lugged a 50-lb. bale of hay to my garden. I was going to mulch the potatoes with it. Then reconsidered. It now serves as a handy table and comfortable place to sit.

  2. Sorry to say it's all wildflowers again. I do have great progress on the beans, corn and squash front, but those pictures aren't too thrilling except to me. In this photo, if you squint, you might see tomatoes. You can probably pick out the young sunflower plants.

  3. I am very proud of my carrot crop (I guess this is 1/5th of it) - the sweetest, juiciest fresh carrots I ever had if I do say so myself. Note one (1) potato and a couple tiny beets. I have lots of potatoes but I only dig them up on demand.

Marianne Mueller, mrm@sonic.net
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