First Day in Clifton Park!

May 13, 2008: YMCA ... Price Chopper ... Lara's birthday party - 4 years old

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  1. Jackie Onassis

  2. I have gum - see?

  3. Cheeese - the grimace

  4. Ella takes it all in

  5. The gum is extant

  6. Lara is quite taken with the sunglasses hanging down

  7. but they're even better on

  8. The Reverse Car Seat Manuoever: a new Olympic feat

  9. Post-YMCA chips!

  10. Helping open the car

  11. Does anybody really know what time it is ...

  12. Picking up the birthday cake

  13. Here it is, it's coming!

  14. A grape in each cheek and one in hand

  15. The grin to end all grins

  16. "I suppose you think this is cute or charming."

  17. Mommy told me to hold the flowers very carefully

  18. Neun and neuntzig luft-ballon -- for the party

  19. Future internet whiz (like mother like daughter)

  20. 29 Spruce Street in spring

  21. Eastern redbud

  22. Blueberry fields forever

  23. Blueberry blossoms promise berries - but Rainer will need to put up bird netting when the berries appear

  24. Grape hyancinth out front across front from the mailbox

  25. Ella objects

  26. Happy Birthday Princess!

  27. Kathi has an amazing bouncie box for the kids to jump around in - incredibly popular as you can imagine

  28. Bouncing with bouquet

  29. We all fall down

  30. Ring around the rosy requires holding hands

  31. Some kids are paying attention to the strawberries and watermelon and potato chips and doritos and pretzels

  32. I will have to ask Lara for all the kids' names

  33. Head first

  34. In the air

  35. Contemplative

  36. Kids are so serious

  37. The canopy provided welcome shade - it was hot in the sun

  38. Balancing act

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