Clifton Park II

May 14-16, 2008

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  1. Cupcake (yesterday's birthday party) for breakfast. Hey, no icing.

  2. Early morning sleepiness

  3. Pajama party - Julie from next door comes over to say hi

  4. Julie objects to having her face photographed at this hour

  5. The photographer is undeterred

  6. Ella on the plasmacar (this supposedly EZ floating/gliding kind of scooter that I got Lara for her 4th birthday on May 12, 2008)

  7. Favorite position of Ella

  8. Little Red Riding Hood in the forest

  9. Imp

  10. Lara. She is now 4, as she will tell you many times a day. She does not like being called "young lady" since after all she is NOW FOUR.

  11. Ella, 2 years old, is excellent at running in (princess) heels that are at least 2 sizes too big, to boot.

  12. We have no idea how she got the mustache

  13. I would say they race up and down the driveway for an hour every time they get going, which is fairly often. Ella always pushes her little wagon, usually with her doll in it. She is indefatigable.

  14. Lara and plasmacar

  15. Ella puts doll in the back seat

  16. Stump in back yard. Rainer has been clearing land.

  17. I really dig it. pun unintentional

  18. Sculpture. Polish it and sell it in a boutique!

  19. The blue chair in the basement is a gaming chair (as in video games)

  20. Lunch

  21. I am not sure Lara is meant to be dipping hot dog pieces in apple juice

  22. Leftover birthday cake

  23. Living Buddhas

  24. The kids will out-read you, beware

  25. Hello Kitty Karaoke - the pretty dress is Linda's present to Lara

  26. (Self)Portrait of an artist as a young (wo)man

  27. Karaoke Queen

  28. Price Chopper is a great store, they give balloons to all the kids all the time

  29. Upstate New York in May (ArtShot (tm))

  30. Asleep in the car seat

  31. I swear, after a while, there will be photos of us doing something other than racing up and down the driveway with little-people vehicles

  32. Dad drew Dora

  33. We decide to paint the stump (using chalk, not paint)

  34. Horse ... or dragon?

  35. Now, indulge me. I cannot resist putting in the Ikebana Series of Ella doing some flower arranging (at age 2).

  36. Back on the dragon

  37. We decided it's Puff the Magic Dragon

  38. This turned out to be a terribly popular and not-tiring-for-me game!

  39. Hide and seek

  40. Kathi at work on Friday - Saturday people (many) are coming over for a party so it was time to give the lawn a haircut

  41. Ella and I have a killer hiding spot, next to Julie's garage. No one ever found us and we eventually just gave ourselves up.

  42. Allium outside Doctor's office - Lara got 4 immunization shots and was very brave

  43. Groovy flowers

  44. I have little-kid-shoe envy

  45. At the nearby park

  46. It turns out Kathi is the only acceptable swing-pusher

  47. Grin and blur it

  48. Multitasking: a quick snack while swinging

  49. Sorry for all the duplicates but I think they're adorable

  50. Monkey on the bar

  51. On the four-animals-on-a-balancing-act kind of structure

  52. Self-Portrait II

  53. Ella

  54. Lara

  55. "Seven more minutes."

  56. Bucking bronco

  57. Mother and girls

  58. Self-portrait III (my favorite)

  59. Even Lara's tiny butt is not comfortable on this animal. And this is the one my larger butt was perched on the whole while.

  60. In the spooky forest, walking back home

  61. Mushroom shelves

  62. Kids on easy street

  63. Neighbor shrub, rather nicely pruned

  64. here is its flower

  65. New York Woodlands - Bleeding Heart

  66. Groundcover at neighbors - creeping phlox

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