May 17 Party

A party to celebrate Rainer's birthday, which falls on May 12, same as Lara!

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  1. Bouncy-bouncy called into service again

  2. I think kids outnumbered adults (good thing they never caught on and decided to lead an insurrection, demanding lollypops for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  3. Grillmeister squinting in the sun

  4. The girl next door ... Caroline

  5. More "Trees of Clifton Park"

  6. New York State flag

  7. The kids assembled (in a loose sense of the word) in the basement to watch "High School Musical II" on the big screen

  8. For those of you who don't have the dance routines and songs from High School Musical II by heart, these are our heroes: Gabriella and Troy

  9. Fairy princess

  10. The men of Clifton Park

  11. And the ladies - Fiona and Kathi in this case

  12. Kathi sporting some sort of wrestling belt

  13. Ella is just too adorable

  14. Woodlands in Steve and Fiona's back yard

  15. Steve and Kathi

  16. Fiona and Dennis

  17. Denise

  18. A contemplative Fiona

  19. Fiona's tshirt: Things Hard To Find that May Not Even Exist

  20. Fiona encore

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