Clifton Park III

May 17, 2008

Party chez Kathi & Rainer - sunny despite yesterday's dark clouds and the worrying weather report.

Pre-party: I keep an eye on the kids while K&R prep.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

  1. First thing Saturday morning ... still sleepy enough to be sitting still

  2. Demure princess

  3. Trees straight ahead (from front stoop)

  4. Trees to the right of me

  5. and including the redbud

  6. further to the right

  7. further to the left

  8. Two babies on the utility box

  9. Innovative swings these days (at Emma's house)

  10. Ella is inseparable from her baby

  11. Ella decided she needed to ride in the doll carriage

  12. Boys (I think cousins) at Emma's

  13. The line-up

  14. Chain gang

  15. pushing

  16. Waiting their turns on the swing

  17. Hiding in plain sight

  18. Two year olds these days are really the only ones who know how to use the remotes

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