May 18-22, 2008 in Clifton Park

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  1. Movie star. And Marianne the paparazzi is definitely getting on the kids' nerves! I don't blame them, it's ridiculous with me sneaking snapshots continually!

  2. Statue of Liberty

  3. Digital Self Portrait with Wet Hair

  4. A sweet girl

  5. Computer pro at play

  6. Lazy Sunday afternoon - recuperating from that party on Saturday?

  7. Kidlets romp on over and Kathi reads to them in the basement

  8. I put all these seeming duplicates in whenever I spy any sort of change of expression on the kids' faces. Sorry ...

  9. Bedtime snack - watermelon

  10. After school on Monday (12:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.), Lara and Olivia running around the grounds

  11. and hard on their heels, a racing Ella with purse

  12. Ella loves books, trying to pound on computer keyboards, and being an appendage to Mommy.

  13. Here we're at the library, where Lara displays remarkable adeptness (I'm not just being a fawning aunt, it's true) at learning how to point, click, drag and use the up-down-left-right arrows

  14. Wooden block puzzles

  15. Lara matches the block to the space by looking at the letter on the block and finding the letter on the puzzle. She definitely knows all her letters. We spelled out in chalk on the driveway "Lara", "Ella", "Koeniger", "Marianne", "Mommy", "Daddy", "Kathi", "29 Spruce St." and more, and with a bit of help she could piece the letters and their sounds into words

  16. Tuesday afternoon at a wonderful park nearby

  17. Accidental shot but what the heck

  18. Hanging out

  19. Moss and grass

  20. The fresh green of spring

  21. Plant ID requested

  22. Ditto ditto ditto says Eloise

  23. The playsets these days are quite impressive

  24. Complete with sturday spiderwebs

  25. Kathi is on triple duty: pushing all 3 kids. Lara and Ella insist on Mommy; I'm not allowed to push

  26. La princesse

  27. Ella looks remarkably like Lara in this shot

  28. Ella is often concentrating with furrowed brow

  29. And also contemplative

  30. Ella saw Lara putting wood chips on things, so she has to, too

  31. Practically every kid at the playground that day rode on the plasma car. I did too. Lara has gotten the hang of it and in particular is very good at braking when needed - she steers off onto grass

  32. "Say 'There goes Lara!,' Aunt Marianne!"

  33. Spiders

  34. There is no rest for the weary

  35. Daddy's helper

  36. From the backyard

  37. Backyardigans having a picnic

  38. Sippy sippy cups

  39. Fabulous self portrait

  40. The magical singing hairbrush (High School Musical ditty)

  41. Getting ready for school -- Mon and Wed, 12:30 - 3:00

  42. From the front yard

  43. From the driveway

  44. Experiment: will the baby carriage have the same amount of water as the blue pail under the trees, or, more?

  45. Picking Lara up from school

  46. Ella peeking in the car

  47. Storm clouds gather

  48. Goodbye for now New York

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