Clifton Park, July 2008

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  1. L'artiste at her canvas

  2. It's all about color

  3. There was an old woman who swallowed a bat - I don't know WHY she swallowed a bat

  4. Ella

  5. A very special dress

  6. Soul lady

  7. The amazing water slide at the block party - 20' tall and welcome on such a hot sunny day

  8. Rainer and Lara went down the slide but Lara wasn't thrilled with it - it's probably more popular with older kids

  9. Ella, 2, and Caroline next door neighbor, 13

  10. Babysitter of the century

  11. Who, me?

  12. Rainer carried their smaller-kid slide over to the cul-de-sac where the block party was held, and Ella went up and down it a number of times

  13. And at this point my camera battery died. Please to see the momcam and kathicam photos!

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